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June 4, 2017

Two NAP boats perform rescue at sea

Robert Lee, crew aboard N55 Angela reported a rescue at sea involving them and N55 Moxie delivering fuel to a sailboat also en route to the Azores: (We had a) fuel transfer at sea. Just after roll call, at noon today we received a call on VHF 16 from the vessel Meka, a 48 ft cat. They were requesting assistance as they were low on fuel and were in near calm conditions while still over 840 miles from Horta. It was decided that Angela and Moxie would render assistance while the rest of the group continued on course to the next waypoint. After diverting 7 miles southward we linked up with Meka launching a dinghy and delivering 4 Jerry cans to Moxie for diesel. Angela was standing by as both support and for security. The fuel was taken from the wing engine supply tank as it was the most filtered tank and the easiest to gravity feed from into a jerry jug. The entire operation from the time the call was received to the time both Moxie and Angela were underway again was just at 2.5 hrs.

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