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October 28, 2016

New amazing Nordhavn footage

By Dan Streech

This past summer we all thrilled to the reports coming from the Nordhavn 68 Migration as she broke records for the most northern latitude ever reached by a Nordhavn. The owner of Migration has a drone which he is very skilled at flying and using for photos and video. Actually, the drone that he is flying now is “drone #2” as his trusty “drone #1” met a watery demise…however, that’s another story. Some spectacular videos were taken during the voyage but until now, we have not seen them.

Migration and her owners are still in Europe. Luckily for us, a friend who was aboard during the passage stopped by our Dana Point, CA headquarters recently with a portable hard drive and five amazing high resolution videos that were shot from the drone. You can see them in this dropbox:


Enjoy and prepare to be awed.


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