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April 9, 2012

‘Not quite’ Spring Thaw Open House in R.I.
welcomes enthusiastic crowds

 'Not quite Spring Thaw Open House in R.I. 'Despite some decidedly “unSpring-like” weather, Nordhavn’s Spring Thaw Open House last weekend was a huge success with nearly 70 people braving the snow showers that greeted them on the docks Saturday, March 31. Enduring the inclement weather was worth the hassle for the dozens who came to see five Nordhavns on display at the event, which was hosted by the company’s northeast office in Portsmouth, RI.

Guests came from as far as Iowa, Montreal and New Jersey for the chance to climb aboard the four different models and even speak to owners about their Nordhavn experiences. “This is actually the exact kind of day you want to have when looking at a Nordhavn ,” said Nordhavn 50 owner Diana Olmstead. “It gives you a good idea of how warm and comfortable the boat is inside when the weather outside is anything but.”

The Spring Thaw Open House kicked off on Friday, March 30, where sunshine, blue skies and temps in the mid-40s greeted the first wave of attendees. Clients climbed aboard four brokerage Nordhavns – a 40, 43, 47 and 50 – as well as a brand new, recently commissioned 40. Attendees said they were interested in comparing the well-used Nordhavns against the brand new boat. “Some of the amenities (in the new Nordhavn 40) have been obviously upgraded but the overall quality of all the boats is the exact same,” said guest Diane Spazianno. “That’s a very telling trait.”

The Spring Thaw paves the way for the start of the boating season in the New England – which officially starts next month. Nordhavn Yachts Northeast is gearing up for a terrific spring/summer with a number of Nordhavns scheduled to take up residence at their docks. Check in to the Available For Viewing page to see which boats you can inspect.

''Not quite ' Spring Thaw Open House in R.I. 'Not quite ' Spring Thaw Open House in R.I. 'Not quite' Spring Thaw Open House in R.I. 'Not quite ' Spring Thaw Open House in R.I.



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