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Nordhavn Atlantic Rally 2004
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Voyage Highlights

To make the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally as safe and enjoyable as possible, P.A.E. plans to provide a high-level of support not only at the stopovers, but also during every mile of the trip. Though details of this support are being finalized, P.A.E. plans to staff a number of specially selected Nordhavns that will serve as escort vessels to lead and follow the groups and will provide assistance to the fleet that may include:

  • Mechanical and technical support with mechanics on lead and chase vessels
    for en-route repair;
  • Emergency fuel reserves with boat-to-boat transfer capabilities;
  • Limited towing capability;
  • Diver for underwater repairs;
  • Daily roll calls;
  • 24-hour monitoring of designated VHF and SSB frequencies;
  • Daily weather briefings;
  • Physician for medical emergencies;
  • Shoreside staff in Hamilton, Bermuda, Horta, Azores, and Gibraltar to assist
    owners with government formalities, provisioning, fuel and shoreside group activities;
  • Special group rates for transatlantic return aboard Specialty Yacht Carriers.

Rally participants will also benefit from having other vessels in close proximity. The fleet will travel in two groups dictated by the vessel's speed capability and the owner's preference. Larger vessels may elect to travel up to 9 knots while the smaller vessels will run slower, particularly on the mid-Atlantic passage. The two groups will stay together with their respective escort vessels. During the day, vessels may run close together, sometimes closing to within 100 yards. During the night, in reduced visibility, or during periods of rough weather, greater clearance will be maintained. In no case should the fleet open up to more than 7 or 8 miles from the lead to trailing vessels, ensuring complete VHF radio coverage. The two groups may separate to two or three days running time, but will maintain SSB communication at least twice a day.

Transoceanic passage-making is serious business and safety is paramount. P.A.E. will do all that we can to ensure a pleasant voyage, but it is up to each captain to be responsible for the safety and conduct of his vessel and crew.

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