Nordhavn on display at the Palm Beach Boat Show

Nordhavn is pleased to announce it will be featuring the Nordhavn 41 and Nordhavn 76 at the Palm Beach International Boat Show happening March 24-27. The N41 is Nordhavn’s highly coveted new design, the brand’s smallest ocean-crossing trawler that has won awards and accolades since its 2020 debut.

Spirit of Ulysses, the Nordhavn 76 that crossed the Atlantic late last year from the Canary Islands to Barbados, is now listed for sale and will be available for inspection in the Superyacht Pavilion at the Palm Beach Boat Show. The boat will be shown in the Free Trade Zone of the Superyacht Pavilion and is available to be viewed by anyone.

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  1. keith kocourek

    I am interested in viewing a Nordhaven in Palm Beach.

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