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Nordhavn’s brand new couple’s passagemaker has been nominated for an International Yacht & Aviation Award in the category of best yacht design under 20M. The winner will be determined by an online vote. Please help us by casting your vote here: Voting closes July 7.Though it may read as such, this isn’t simply a popularity contest, meaning, you can’t go on and vote “one and done”. The voting requires each person to cast a vote for every category. (Read the IYAA’s explanation for doing it this way here.) It does require a few minutes of your time and we are grateful to everyone who does take the time to go through the complete voting process. It’s very interesting to see all the great new designs in both yachting and aviation that exist. Thanking you in advance for your time and support!

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  1. Ove Andersen

    A true Nordhavn winner

  2. Dave Cataldo

    I have seen a lot of you tube videos, none say what’s behind the door underneath the outside stairs ?

  3. Dave Cataldo

    what’s behind the door underneath the outside stairs ?

  4. Wayne Johns

    Superb entry7 level Nordhavn for those who don’t hanker for crossing oceans, though I expect an adventuros type will no doubt have a go to hancker for for the deep blue yonder.

  5. Brian Litz

    I love this boat, but think there would be a tremendous opportunity if you removed an engine and added a sailing rig if you could come in close to the same price. Also the second cabin would be nice with a pullman double or something similar.

  6. Penny King

    👍 The best design and quaintness with outstanding performance! 🤔 I would surely recommend a Nordhavn to live on or retire nicely!!

  7. Arve Sogn Andersen

    Seems to be a flexible vessel for all weather conditions along the Norwegian coastline, with all parts of open rough oceans, small islands and narrow deep fjords.

  8. Flemming Frandsen

    The N41 really have started me dreaming.

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