Cruising in the times of the coronavirus (update)

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  1. john Philippson

    Boy your lack down sounds very similar to ours, We departed Comox BC April 1. Our plan was to self isolate on our Selene 60. We took on Deep stores in Vancouver in March and topped up our fuel tanks. All of Canadas borders had been closed. As well as all ports and marinas. So our trip would need to be self sufficient. We headed north with stops in Knights inlet and Smith inlet. As we continued north our next area to explore was Hakei. We were totally alone on the BC coast. The ocean provide more food than we could eat. We kept working our way north. As we arrive outside of Prince Rupert we contacted the port authority for permission to refuel. we were given permission to refuel and provision. Then we were told to leave. After 30 more days were given permission to enter Ruperts harbour. The date was June 15 2020.. We decide to start the return journey. At that time the restrictions were beginning to be loosened slightly. We arrive home to Comox July 10th 2020.. In all a great experience..

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