Giant Halibut caught on N52 SAMBA

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  1. Yolie Gunderson

    Oh how exciting! We have decided to sell our farm and buy a live aboard vessel and start our adventures. Ever since we made this decision we’ve been watching every video we could find on different vessels and we are currently looking to purchase our dream boat. Any suggestions or advice will be most welcome. Cant wait to be posting our own pictures.

  2. Rod Taverner

    Beautiful big breeding fish. The smaller fish are tastier.

  3. Erik Vaaler

    Nice catch! The bottom of the southern end of Glacier Bay is covered in 100# – 300# halibut in spite of getting pounded on by the commercial guys. The private boat recreational catch (non- commercial, non-charter) is < 1% of the total catch. The big ones taste just as good as the smaller ones. When fresh, there is little difference in the meat from a 20# or a 200#. A different story after freezing; the small ones end up a little mushy and the big ones get tough/chewy. Ideal weight for eating quality after freezing is ~40# – 60#.

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