Great from the get-go

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  1. brian henry

    Is the hours quoted as 80,000 correct? Perhaps it should be 8,000 hours/ 50,000 miles…. that is about 6 nm / hr?
    I suspect a typo!

    1. Nordhavn Yachts

      Hi Brian, You are correct, it was a typo. Thank you for letting us know. Its been corrected.

  2. kojii bangs

    Sorry to have missed a good meeting of minds
    I am Kojii. My wife is Cathryn. Orca has been our home for 16 years since we left the rat race.
    Please contact us if you wish to chat sometime.
    Few people recognize Orca for what she is. You did.

    We are found on a ball in the Bay Bridge Roadstead when not tootling about.

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