Introducing the new Nordhavn 71

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  1. Claus Wilken

    Looking great, it’s a winner !!! Hopefully it will be avaible in a twin-main engine configuration. Glad to see the side facing doors in the hull open up inwards. And use of real sturdy mooring cleats, and (probably) not the ‘suicide’ cleats on the inside of the passageways. Fine position of wing stations. Looks great with the mast in the bow. Looking at the hull shape in the bow, it could perhaps benefit from a bulb to reduce the bow wave. Configuration with 4 staterooms is the one appealing mostly to me. Hopefully the navigation instruments on flybridge can be locked down like on the N76 with full protection from weather (in northern Europe it’s often bad). Perhaps an idea to make railings MCA compliant (height) from the factory. Looking forward to release of plan drawings. My first impressions, your sincerely.

  2. Eric Sorensen

    What’s the waterline length and beam? I like the bridge nightlines forward with no mullions. Too many boats have 6 or even 10 inch wide frames around the doors and windows that impact situational awareness negatively.

  3. Lucky

    When do we get to see floor plans?

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