Making a case for the 56 Motorsailer

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  1. Bernard Cerrone

    What is the cost for the 56 MS?

  2. Erdöl Biramen

    Yeah, same question. Bernard, where do you live, maybe we buy one together)

  3. Chris

    Interesting. What kind of endurance (range) could you modestly assume on a vessel of this type? Is there a alternative power option? Of course, a price range is always helpful, please not a MSRP.

  4. Patrick McGovern

    Nice article! This is my dream sailboat. I used to sail with my father on a 21′ Bayliner, 26′ Erickson, and 34′ Caliber. We have talked about owing this boat for years. Nordhavn produces wonderful vessels.

  5. D'Arcy McCallum

    CCP drive? What is that?

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