N6834, N6835 and N6836 being commissioned in Florida

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  1. Richard H Brown

    What is all involved in commissioning?

  2. Donald M Austin

    Please please make videos of all three of these N68’s. Would love to see the different choices in design and layout each has chosen. Love to see both inside and outside. And two don’t have the “stack” for engine exhaust why?? Please make videos Thank you

  3. Donald M Austin

    Those look beautiful. How much does a new Nordhavn 68 cost? I imagine these are all different, can you give us the range between these three new 68’s?


    It would be very interesting to see a video overview of all three vessels. If their final cost is not a commercial secret, it was also interesting to know. In Russia, unfortunately, no one has made an order with you to see it live.
    I will really wait for the video reviews.
    Thank you for earlier.

  5. Stanislav

    Good afternoon. As a potential buyer, I would like to ask you to make a video review of all three vessels. In Russia, no one has yet made an order with you and it is not possible to see the ship live. I would be very grateful if you could tell me the cost of all three ships.

    1. Glenn

      Sir, I recently watched a webinar with Dan Streech, who quoted a ballpark of USD $4.5 million, sort of bare bones and USD $5 million fully commissioned, which includes electronics package, furnishings and a tender.

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