N80 video tour with Project Manager Dave Harlow

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  1. chris Smith

    I think you’ve outdone yourself with this boat! Great looking design.

  2. Phil SHORT

    Absolutely magnificent this would be one of the best layouts,
    I am one of the many dreamers but one day one never knows.
    Great work Jim.

  3. Edward Diaz

    OMG, you guys are the Best, this is the Best Vessel I have ever seeing, Is so impressing! I Love it. Everything is so Organized! I really need a Vessel Like This. This would be my First home… Say no more! GREAT JOB Guys. Christopher Columbus would have been so proud of you guys.

  4. Ian MacInnes

    Hi Jim,

    Do you have any plans in the future of making the new N80 in a rear Pilot House.


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