Nordhavn 41 UPDATE

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  1. What is range of prices for the 41?

  2. hi interested in the price point on the Nordhaven 41 and waiting period on a new order.

  3. I’m looking forward to see Hull #1 at 2020 Düsseldorf Boat Show!

  4. Hi what’s the price range of the 41, I have emailed once before with no luck.

  5. When can we expect to see the N41 on the west coast for viewing.

  6. For many, this will be a great boat. I’m happy to see Nordhavn re-introduce a smaller trawler.
    Love the full keel and twin engines.
    This boat wouldn’t be my cup-of-tea for the following reasons:
    – There is no galley counter to either side of the sink. This might seem trivial, but when galley cleanup is multiple times per day, it’s not that trivial.
    – Galley counter space overall is very limited. Put out a coffee maker and a toaster, and there is very limited serving or preparation spaces.
    – The big one for me is the lack of flybridge. I realize that this boat is designed with a cruising couple in mind, but I find regardless of whether cruising or day boating, having a crowd in the open air is the only way to go.

    I know every boat is a compromise, and the comprises are more significant as the LOA decreases. I’m sure this boat will be a great success for Nordhavn.

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