Nordhavn 4102 Tavie owners add their new 20,000 milestone pennant

Nordhavn 4102 Tavie owners, Lance and Stephanie Leuthesser, add their new 20,000 milestone pennant to the display at the Lagoon Cove Marina in B.C. Canada.

Eleven years have gone by (and more than 25,000 nm earned combined with their N40 Star Plath) since they left their first 2,500 burgee at this very same marina.

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  1. john Philippson

    Congratulation Lance and Stephanie. We were in Lagoon Cove Marina spring 2020 hiding from covid. Next time I look forward to seeing your pennant there.
    Welcome to the Nordhavn 41 club. John And Tina Philippson Prosecco Nordhavn 4107.
    At anchor,, in Naxso Greece.

  2. Vandeputte Edgard

    Hello Stephanie and Lance,

    I am a Belgian sailor and with my wife we build years ago a 48ft wooden schooner back in 1986 till 1995.
    I am now 73 years old and It is getting rather hard for me to handle my schooner alone especially in heavy weather in the northsea.
    I am very much impressed with the Nordhavn trawlers and I have been reading a lot about these great trawlers.I have also had the opportunity to sail on board of Coracle a N40 in the UK.
    I am now really considering moving to a trawler and I am very much impressed with the N40.
    When a brokerage N40 in good condition comes up I will certainly look her up if the price is right for us.
    So I remember the video’s you made about Starplath.
    I just wonder why you decided to sell Starplath in the first place and why a few years later you moved to the N41.
    Could you share with us your impressions on boat trawlers since you have been living on boat for a while.

    Thank you so much.

    Edgard Vandeputte
    Tempelberg 20
    B 3210 Linden

    mobile:+32 475261021

  3. Jeff Wingfield


    A sentence in a blog you two wrote of your first year with TAVIE mentioned that you had spent time with NOAA. In the distant pat (1958), I joined the Coast Survey fresh out of college – the best two and a half years of my life. My time was aboard rv SOSBEE in Florida and then on the East Coast Field Party in Maine, Virginia and Alabama. I am interested to know your history with NOAA.
    On boating, we have been involved in both power and sail, living on each. A Nordhavn has been a longing but not yet a realization. The N41 may be the answer. We would love to tap into your experiences with your N40 and now the N41.

    Jeff and Lee Wingfield

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