Nordhavn 43 Corisande

N43 Corisande

Here today, gone tomorrow! That pretty much sums up the status of Nordhavn 43 Corisande, which was put on the market by its owner on Wednesday, and by end of day yesterday had an accepted offer. It demonstrates that the seller’s market that we saw in the second half of 2020 has certainly flowed over into 2021. In fact, the Corisande listing encapsulates the ebb and flow of the market over the past couple years. The boat’s owner had put her up for sale in late 2018. It received some serious interest but no takers, so last summer, the owner decided to take it off the market and have some work done to it. One rehabbed yacht plus a hot market later, and you’ve got yourself an instant sale. Congratulations to Nordhavn Yachts SE’s Ted Robie whose patience and guidance – over the approximate 20 months he had the listing – paid off. “It’s a great boat,” he said. “It just shows that sometimes everything comes together perfectly…very quickly.”

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