Nordhavn 50 Duet

Nordhavn 50 Duet has successfully completed a Pacific crossing and is now lying in Australia. Ron and Nancy Goldberg began Leg one of their Pacific passage in Mexico two years ago, arriving in the Marquesas Islands, and spent the entire time since then cruising French Polynesia. They left about a month ago and arrived in Australia on January 9. What’s most remarkable is the couple have somehow managed to enjoy their incredible cruising lifestyle while both still hold down jobs.

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  1. Brent Fundingsland

    These are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. In spite of their busy lifestyle, Nancy has never failed to thoughtfully respond to a never ending list of questions from this Nordhavn Dreamer. Their love for boating and for their boat is infectious. If you’re reading this, Nancy and Ron, thank you so very much!

  2. Bob Black

    Brent is so right! Ron and Nancy are a super nice couple! my son and I met them while they were headed south on their then N46! We had drinks on my boats flybridge in Coinjock, NC. We kept meeting them along the trip south all the way to Palm Beach. I miss seeing them along the water ways!!

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