Nordhavn 63 URSA video tour

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  1. Richard Kream

    Could you please send me the listing

  2. Phil Dent

    Is URSA for sale

  3. j. berriman


  4. Colin Neville

    63 has to be one of the best designs from Nordhavn , compact and a good looker…

  5. Joe Dispensa

    Very nice


    Flott båt . Kan den nedregistres til 110000BS 50 BT ?

  7. John

    Absolutely my 67 Malibu S/S . Shows sleek and style. Best of all easy on the eyes. If your fortunate to operate her you held a Journey of Joy.

  8. Umit

    very nice boat. you can travel the world in luxury with this baby !

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