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  1. Benji

    Nice Nordhavn! How much horsepower does the Scania Di13 have?

  2. Steve E Komorous

    When do we get to see interior pictures? Can’t wait…..I bet stunning!!!

  3. Horacio A Myslinski

    Being the second Nordhavn I assume they had previously something with a single Lugger or John Deere. I wonder why they’ve chosen a Scania when it isn’t the “normal” propulsion Brand for this ship. Love Scania trucks and long distance buses in Latin America but no clue about the marine engines and support around the world.

  4. Sam

    how long from placing your order till delivery did it take

  5. Mike

    Why not a electric wing engine, get rid of the ballast and use that weight and room for batteries. Then install solar panels on the roof and bow, with a optional windmill off the roof to charge the batteries. The entire ship could be run off the batteries and the generators could be connected to charge the batteries for the electric wing engine if needed. If I ever buy a nordhavn that modification is a must

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