Nordhavn Atlantic Rally Draws Adventurous Crowd

By Staff
December 2003 PASSAGEMAKER

Some 70 yachts have expressed an interest in the Nordhavn-sponsored trans-Atlantic rally next year.

Not all can go, and the builders of the Nordhavn family of yachts acknowledged that choosing participants in the invitational event represents their “biggest hurdle.”

The parent company, PAE, has recived applications from bith Nordhavn owners as well as yachts from other manufactures.

The PAE schedule calls for a fleet rendezvous, seminars and registration May 10-16 in Florida, and the crossing will begin May 17 as smaller boats depart for Bermuda, 900 nautical mailes away. Larger yachts will leave May 18.

From Bermuda, the rally will proceed to the Azores, a run of 1,800 nautical miles. The schedule calls for all participants to reach Gibraltar June 28, where the rally will conclude with a July Fourth celebration.

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