Nordhavn Quick Clips: N55 Red Rover tool storage

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  1. Steve Komorous

    WOW, beautifully done and well thought out. Impressive. That must have been some glass of red wine!!! LOL. I follow you guys and love your videos. Thanks for sharing this one. You have my wheels spinning and thinking outside the box. Safe Voyages and God Bless you both.

  2. Russ Frew

    Kevin, great use of space. What type of fasteners did you use for the shelves? I have been afraid that anything too aggressive would violate the fuel tanks behind the wall.

  3. Dominic Case

    Yes I’m waiting on an answer from Russ’s question also.

  4. Alec Girard. N5740

    Hola Red Rover, Kevin & Alison. Wow great job on the engine room. Now the rest of us are going to have to Shape Up. My God you set the bar high.
    Glad to see you are doing well and enjoying life.
    Stay safe and happy.

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