Nordhavn Quick Clips: Three Nordhavn 41’s at Nordhavn Yachts Southeast

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  1. Laurie Nadeau

    Approximate prices on these 41´s & years please…

  2. THOMAS W Clark

    Is there one available to purchase. What price. I live in anacortes wa
    Tom Clark

  3. Gressot Sylvain

    Magnifique !
    A quel prix ?

  4. Colin Webb

    I want one but the agent in Australia tells me there is a 4 year wait

  5. Jonas Fryklof

    If you take down the mast and removes the railings what is the air drought (?) then (height one can say). Also I can never seem to find a video where you can see the layout/looks with a single mastercabin and no guestroom. Is there one?

  6. Jonas Fryklof

    I got a quote for a 2025 delivery, but by then I hope to be able to order the new 51 and since Nordhavn probably make that also a huge success my retirement in 2029 seems to be the year I set off for good 😉

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