Brownie’s Marine Group

940 NW 1st Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
954 462 5570 ph
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Brownie’s is the leading manufacturer of diving related systems for the yachting industry. Onboard systems give the boater complete independence to dive in any location. Now you can dive right from your boat and refill your own scuba tanks – ensuring the quality of the air being supplied. You don’t need to rely on land-based providers to supply air of unknown quality.

Brownie’s automated Yacht Pro compressors deliver purified high-pressure air for filling scuba tanks and scba bottles. Stored air can also be regulated down to supply all your low-pressure needs throughout the boat; i.e., blowing horns, actuating doors and hatches, filling inflatables, driving air tools and more.

Advanced diving systems include NitroxMakers, oxygen generators, boost pumps and mixed gas diving systems.

Brownie’s hookah systems allow you to dive without tanks. The product line includes gas-powered floating systems for up to 4 divers and electric systems that can be installed for clean, quiet diving at the touch of a button.

Brownie’s is your complete resource for integrating diving into your Nordhavn – into your future.

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