Philippe Guglielmetti crosses the Atlantic on his Nordhavn 40

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  1. Paul Powell

    Giant CONGRATS for this feat, glad you made it to your destination. Hope your next adventure is just as ambitious and challenging.

  2. Andy

    Congratulations to Philippe and all involved on the journey. Taking that first out of our comfort zone is the toughest. … Exhilarating!!!

  3. Chris

    Congratulations to the Crew!

  4. Dominic

    So incredibly inspiring.
    Congratulations to Philippe and his crew.

  5. Mario

    Congratulations to Philippe and his crew. What a trip and story. Its hard to imagine the work, the trust and the needed strengthand guts behind such a trip. I wish you all the best. N47#59 – MY SISU

  6. Thomas Paron

    Incredible inspiration. Congrats. What a success story,

  7. Ship

    Congratulations to Philippe and his abled crew – a goal I will have as soon as I can sell my house and buy a Norhavn. Best Ship IVE SEEN YET!!!!

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