Profiles: Kevin & Alison Jeffries

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  1. Steve

    Kevin & Alison,
    Many of us dream of this especially on a Nordhavn. The two of you have made it a reality, and are living the dream. You are blessed and I am so happy for you.
    Steve Castro
    Mesa Az.

    1. kevin jeffries

      Steve – It really is an obtainable dream… We were dreamers for 8 years before Red Rover came in to our lives. It took living a bit differently (and making different choices) than many of our peers to get to where we are. But happy that we did. Thank you for your note!

  2. Vincent

    Wow ! You two rock ! Great Nordhavn ambassador Love you and love cruising the oceans with you. May our wakes cross often.

    1. Kevin Jeffries

      Vince – We’ve enjoyed cruising with you and Linda over the last few years! May we see many more miles together!

  3. Robert & Kim Harris

    Kevin & Alison
    Thank you so much for making this video for us to see. It was spectacular to watch and it keeps the Nordhavn Dreamers dreaming.
    Thanks again Kevin & Alison.

  4. Phil SHORT

    Great interview Alison & Kevin sounds like your dream is like my dream “Landfalls and Departures.”

  5. Steve Komorous

    Hi there Kevin and Alison:
    How exciting and adventurous. One of my favorite sayings is “dream big and go long”, you have certainly done just that. Very cool and Bravo!! I’ve been following your Blog for a while and really enjoy them. For now I will have to live vicariously through you. Safe travels, smooth seas and good health. God Bless you both.
    Steve Komorous
    Newport Beach, CA

  6. J

    Kevin & Alison,
    Its so much fun seeing you follow your dream. We’ll never forget you giving us a ride on Red Rover.
    Guy & Joy

  7. Marc Herrmann

    Absolutely awesome video and totally down to earth! You should be proud what you’ve done (and what you’re going to do) and the life you’re living!
    Truly fabulous and best of luck in all your travels.

  8. Manny

    I’m still dreaming of my nordhavn 56 m/s for the past nine years and still counting, won’t settle for less ,hoping to join you guy in the near future

  9. Donald

    If dreams are made of this you are worthy owners of a Nordhavn. Wow!

  10. Jim Waggoner

    Hi, you guys are so lucky. We just bought a 2000, 50’ Nordhavn in Rhode Island, really liked that area. We just took it to Fort Lauderdale and put it on a big ship to bring it home to California. I crewed on haul # 2 over 30 years ago. Costa Rica to Acapulco and from Fort Lauderdale to San Martin. Great boats. Have fun cruising. Boat name is Lasernut

  11. Susan Beilby

    Kevin and Alison, Loved the video, Thank you. I was blown away when you were talking about how the boat has made you come out of yourselves, as that is exactly what I was trying to explain to someone the other day regarding our experience as Nordy cruisers. It is indeed a great lifestyle. Hope to cross tracks some time. Suz and Peter – ‘Opal Lady’ (N47).

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