Profiles: Victor & Anna Maria Larraguibel owners of Nordhavn 64 GRANKITO

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  1. Kevin Fagan

    So inspiring this is what these boats are built for đź‘Ť

    1. NĂ©co Moeller

      Beautiful video of Nordhavn 64!!!

  2. Michael Seebeck

    Doug; that is one of the best films I’ve seen for a mini documentary about an owner and their Nordhavn! It’s very inspiring and really depicts the reason one must have a Nordhavn….to explore where few go…in comfort, safety and style. Well done…still hopeful to have my own….sooner than later.
    Let’s see more of these videos!

  3. Ken Hudson

    Love this!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Kevin Jeffries

    Nicely filmed and out together Doug. Catches the spirit and passion of the owners. And a wonderful showcase of the N64 and it’s cruising grounds.

  5. John Reardon

    A good Woman, a good family, a good boat and a sense of adventure. Fantastic!

  6. Hans jansen

    Nice film,.looks like friendly fam and the right boat.Happy travels from Australia.

  7. Farley Shane

    What a beautiful picture of dreams realized with family, unparalleled scenery, and a luxurious vessel for safe transport. Thank you for letting me vicariously join the journey. Blessings!

  8. Rita Goedecke

    Thank you for sharing your video. Reminds me of the 7 years on our Nordhavn 40. Great adventures, We loved it all. Enjoy!

    Rita Goedecke

  9. Dan Streech

    Superb video Doug!! For sure your best one yet. Very inspirational…. THANK YOU!

  10. Phil Jack

    Great Video thank you.

  11. Luis Fernando RodrĂ­guez

    Felicidades por tus excelentes planes de futuro, Victor. Que lo disfrutes plenamente.

  12. Helen Krzyczynski

    Great video-makes you want to cut the ties and take that adventure on Nordhavn.

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