Crossing An Ocean Under Power, 10th Anniversary Edition

by Ken Williams
Ken Williams is a retired software entrepreneur who is now spending six months a year exploring the world on a Nordhavn trawler, along with his wife Roberta and two small dogs.

Ken has both a USCG 100 ton license as well as a Yachtmaster’s license. In recent years his boating adventures have spanned over 40,000 miles including crossing the Atlantic, the Med, and the Bering Sea.

Sailors have crossed oceans for centuries, but the era of couples cruising the world in small powerboats is just beginning. The author starts out with limited long-range boating skills, but a strong desire to learn them. As he chronicles the trip across the Atlantic, he shares his parallel journey from “coastal cruiser” to “ocean crosser.” Readers learn these same lessons with each passing page as Sans Souci, the Williams’ boat, travels as part of the first Atlantic powerboat rally-a fleet of 18 small power boats averaging just 50′ in length, owned and operated mostly by retired couples. In this “Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Oceans,” Ken’s honest, entertaining style will keep you turning pages as you travel with the crew of Sans Souci to experience life at sea: satisfying work, warm camaraderie, and, memorable adventure.

This 10th Anniversary Edition adds new details, color images, and retrospective insights from author Ken Williams, other rally participants, Nordhavn CEO Dan Streech, and Nordhavn’s co-founder and the Atlantic Rally’s creator, Jim Leishman.

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