Cruising Conversations: a million nautical miles and counting, Volume One (Volume 1)

by Dr James Ellingford 
Cruising Conversations – A Million Nautical Miles and Counting, volume one is a book written by passionate Nordhavn owner and global cruiser, James Ellingford. This book holds within its pages interviews with some of the modern day heroes of our time and what unfolds is that these global cruisers share their experiences and mistakes that they have made on the water. This book is a tremendous reference for all owners of any boat and in particular is a great guide for any dreamer out there intending one day to go to sea. Cruising Conversations, volume one is a series of interviews with current and retired global cruisers and is not so much a book but rather an editorial treat as it glimpses into the lives of others and shares their actual real life experiences – both good and bad – of cruising at sea.

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