Seatrials of Nordhavn 41 reveal efficient passagemaker

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  1. Dwight Thompson

    I never thought that a boat of the same size as the N40 would not only be more economical, but with 2 engines. I am impressed.

    1. Mal

      Where does it say the Twin Screw N41 is more economical than a Single Screw N40?

      1. Marc

        The data sheet on the right shows the fuel consumption comparison between the N41 and N40. The 41 is slightly more economical than the 40.

  2. Cam Thieriot

    Best boats in the world . I miss my 60( hull 69) every day. I have a deposit on a 41 .

  3. Robyn

    Why in the world did you put a deposit on a 41′ after selling your 60′?

  4. Dave Terry

    The 41’s gallons per hour and cruise speed are similar to what I’ve seen on my N46 with twin Lugger/John Deere (true twin just like the 41 but my N46 has a single rudder). I like the 41 and think it will be a great boat for a cruising couple.

  5. Frans Williams

    One question: If one lose the engine that spins the hydraulic , will you loose all hydraulic functions(steering, stabilizer,etc)? Is there a backup for this?

  6. Tom White

    That is an interesting change from a 60 to a 41. The utter simplicity of the 41 is a heck of a draw, especially given its range and designed seaworthiness. I foresee larger iterations of the 41 appearing soon.

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