Seatrials of Nordhavn 41 reveal efficient passagemaker

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  1. Dwight Thompson

    I never thought that a boat of the same size as the N40 would not only be more economical, but with 2 engines. I am impressed.

    1. Mal

      Where does it say the Twin Screw N41 is more economical than a Single Screw N40?

  2. Cam Thieriot

    Best boats in the world . I miss my 60( hull 69) every day. I have a deposit on a 41 .

  3. Robyn

    Why in the world did you put a deposit on a 41′ after selling your 60′?

  4. Dave Terry

    The 41’s gallons per hour and cruise speed are similar to what I’ve seen on my N46 with twin Lugger/John Deere (true twin just like the 41 but my N46 has a single rudder). I like the 41 and think it will be a great boat for a cruising couple.

  5. Frans Williams

    One question: If one lose the engine that spins the hydraulic , will you loose all hydraulic functions(steering, stabilizer,etc)? Is there a backup for this?

  6. Tom White

    That is an interesting change from a 60 to a 41. The utter simplicity of the 41 is a heck of a draw, especially given its range and designed seaworthiness. I foresee larger iterations of the 41 appearing soon.

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