Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way

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  1. Mr. Laurie D. Nadeau

    Hello from Canada,
    I am 64 and retired but always dreaming of your Nordhavns!
    I have cruised the Baja 4 times now from San Diago toPuerto Vallarta with a friend who owns a 80’ Burger yacht, (usually three of us).
    I keep looking at your low end & used as this is all my budget will allow if It ever happens 🤔
    Great looking yachts and been always impressed when looking at them in San Diego!



    Ps… just a guy who grew up fishing cod on the east coast of Quebec and always wanted to cruise the Labrador coast and Canada’s North!

    Fished with my dad & Uncle on 25’ x 5 hp until 1985, not much power and no hydraulics, manual labour😔 but a great way to become a man!

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