Nordhavn Broker Chat: James, Eric, Jim Leishman and Dan Streech – Nordhavn Southwest

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  1. Dennis Rooklyn

    Good Morning Everyone: Hope everyone had a Great 4th of July. I love the overall design of the Nordhavn, however, I can not get past the lack of performance(speed). I just don’t want it to take 6 hours plus to go from Newport Beach to Marina Del Rey. That’s the primary reason for moving to a Power Boat, from a Sail Boat. Wish you guys would come up with a solution. Still looking.

    1. Richard E. Harrison

      Have you looked at the Nordhavn Coastal Pilot 59? 2x the speed. I toured one in March. Same Nordhavn attention to design and quality.. Also surprisingly spacious. Go take a look.

  2. Manuel Dittmers

    Best boats in the world

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