Spirit of Ulysses Q&A #13

Q: Great voyage. I took this with my father on a Nordic 68, but we went non-stop. He later bought anN72 the is much lije your boat with twins as well. Our weather was rough like yours at start, but improved off the African coast. We took 18 days as we ran into no wind and rolling seas, not my favorite in a sailboat. You will have a great adventure.

My question is how your boat handles in a quartering sea from the stern? Are you tracking well with autopilot? Yates

A: Hi Yates, the auto pilot is steering the boat beautifully. The vessel is equipped with two separate Simrad AP50 pilots. We are having an issue with the Furuno Satellite compass in that it’s losing its sat fix in rough sea conditions so we  are switched over to the Flux gate compass which is currently doing its job.


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