Spirit of Ulysses Q&A #14

Q: Hi Mike & congratulations both on your adventure and on your Nordhavn purchase. Awesome trip!

“May you have fair winds and following seas”

Having just LOI’d on a 41 at the Florida Boat Show , your initial journey is in my thoughts as potentially something i will do. With that in mind i am curious as to what you are using for weather forecasting software etc…. And the frequency of updates along with the satellite set up you have to enable connectivity whilst at sea.

Keep well and best regards, Vince

A: Hi Vince, congratulations to you! We are using Iridium GO! to receive weather maps and info from Windy. Also we are communicating with Jim Leishman who is looking at it for us at his home in California. We call on the SAT phone for updates. The SAT phone we are using is called an Iridium Extream. We can also text on a Garmin In Reach which we use to provide log updates when we don’t have cell service – this also gives us weather updates. We have had good 3G service near most all the islands in the Canaries.


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