Spirit of Ulysses Q&A #18

Q: Are you keeping track of actual fuel burn? If so, are you doing so by piece of equipment (engines, generators, anything else)? Similar questions for electrical power draw. It would be interesting to see how close actual usage compares to designed usage. Thank you and safe travels. Steven

A: Hi Steven, All modern Nordhavns are equipped with a beautifully designed gravity-fed fuel system. To do a consumption test we close all feed tanks and only run off the supply/day tank. We then send all return fuel back to the same supply tank from both main engines and gensets and/or any other system that consumes diesel fuel. The supply tank is accurately calibrated and we run a timed test to confirm the total burn. It’s a very simple and accurate way to confirm burn rates and cross reference them with the digital burn rates provided by the engine displays. We do these tests multiple times a day as they are dependent on variables such as weather, current, vessel speed, etc.

These tests are only as good as the boat’s range, that’s why it is imperative to know what your boat’s actual range is relative to the trip you are taking. As we know, Nordhavns have done around 150 ocean crossings. The range of Nordhavns are known and proven. So we are very secure with the knowledge we have with regard to fuel reserves and distance remaining before our next fuel stop. – James


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