Spirit of Ulysses Q&A #19

Q: I see that you are on a watch schedule that has 2 hour watches. When I worked offshore in the oilfield on survey boats, we had a 4 hours on, 8 hours off schedule. That was for 3 watch standers and usually a deckhand or another person on watch at night with the watch stander . We tried to always have 2 sets of eyes at night because of all the structures and traffic in the Gulf of Mexico. How many people are standing watch on your passage and what is the time on /time off.

Are you traveling with a “buddy boat “ or are you in contact with other boats making the passage across?

Thank you for allowing us to follow your adventures. Chris

A: Hi Chris, yes, we are doing two-hour watches between five people which works out great. The pilothouse is a roomy space that’s ideal for gathering so there is usually more than two people there at a time, anyway. In regards to the buddy boat, we are traveling alone but are totally confident in the boat and its onboard capabilities. – Doug


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