Spirit of Ulysses Q&A #20

Q: Hi Mike,

Congrats on your new boat and “go for it” attitude! Sounds like you are having a terrific time even with some pretty rugged weather. I would be curious to see some video of the “sea-state” to get a sense of how effective the stabilizers keep the boat from violent rocking. Probably by the time you get this message the ocean will be mirror smooth!!



A: Hi Matt, we do have some footage for the website that we are happy to share. Right now we are only able to communicate through SAT phone so can’t send photos or video until we get within cell service again. If you’ve ever tried to capture waves through a camera, it rarely illustrates the actual experience. That said, we lost the stabilizers for 10 minutes or so during the worst of the weather and the difference was incredible. For me the stabilizers and the Fluxgate compass feed are great assets to have on board when the weather gets rough but I guess the overall built-in redundancy generally gives us peace of mind when it gets gnarly. – Mike


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