Spirit of Ulysses Q&A #21

Q: Our questions are social ones for Mr.Ridgway. We note the Leishman and Harlow families are skilled motorcyclists as well as accomplished seamen. We understand that Mr. Ridgway is a biker. Many Kiwi’s we know are members of riding clubs (gangs perhaps) and take biking very seriously. Are you a member of a club Mr. Ridgway? What bikes are in your collection? Have you and the crew had the time to have a fun discussion about biking? Perhaps while enjoying a beverage? Do you plan on fitting a bike aboard? Also, please feel free to share your other passions.

We hope you will continue sharing since we have for years followed and enjoyed other Nordhavn adventures. We’re very glad that Doug Harlow is with you. Doug’s filming, editing, and professional documentation will make this a special crossing. And, this voyage will not disappoint with James Leishman crewing. Whenever members of the Leishman and Harlow families are together, good things are happening.

Greg and Madelyn

A: Hi Greg and Madelyn, good to hear from you again! James tells me you’ve ordered a new N625. Congratulations! Would love to check it out when we get to catch up. When we decided to do the Atlantic crossing, the motorbike trip became a short-term casualty, but the call of the road is as strong as the ocean’s so you can be sure the trip won’t be shelved for long! -Mike


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