Spirit of Ulysses Q&A #25

Q: I did not realize what a dramatic effect the stabilizers had on the boat. Showing it in the way you did really demonstrated their value. While yourselves and others have mentioned it is difficult to show sea state in videos, I think this was a very good representation through the side windows.

You appear to be using the BBQ quite a bit however it looks like quite a small electrical unit. Is it ideal for the purpose or is a bigger gas powered one in the boats future.

Take Good Care


A: Hi Dean, firstly, the bbq is getting plenty of use whatever the weather as James is a massive enthusiast – even harnessing himself to it in 30 knot winds. As for the size, we have 5 on the boat and it seems to be working fine. There’s another on the fly deck if we need it.

On the question of stabilizers, you’re right – they make a massive difference in these choppy seas.- Mike


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