Hi there

Having never purchased a boat in the States before, I was a bit apprehensive about the procedures and what we would have to do. I called the Rhode Island office and spoke to Ben Sprague, who very quickly assured me that he could act in our best interest and that he could guide us through the procedures of the purchase. He acted as the negotiator with the owner’s broker, who was Andy Hegley with the Southeast Nordhavn Office in Florida. Basically there were two Nordhavn brokers  one acting for the seller and one acting for me as the buyer. Ben really held our hand through the offers making sure that we were able to transfer ownership and re-register her in the UK. He basically guided us through the purchase.

I liked that he was very patient and very tactful while handling the negotiations with the seller. He is a very solid individual and I would recommend him to anyone  in fact I would not have wanted to purchase this boat without his guidance.

Peter Dyball
Nordhavn 62 “Ocean Quest”