Dear Nordhavn Friends:

Please allow me this opportunity to congratulate you on having Mr. Devin Zwick as part of your enterprise! What
an ambassador he is for you.

Mr. Zwick was immensely instrumental in making our retirement dream of living on a Nordhavn 55” come to life.
Though technically he represented the seller, we felt as though he was a guiding star for us through our entire
passage of challenging negotiations, multiple surveys, international documentation and confusing processes with
TIPs, etc. His ability to communicate for us, his professionalism as well as quick thinking were invaluable. By the
time we arrived to port in La Paz, we had been instilled with a guarded (safe) confidence that we were absolutely
correct to follow our 25 year dream and we could do this! For that, we are very grateful to Mr. Zwick.

Most people in his position would have been “done with the deal” at this point. But, we brazenly asked him if he
would come back for a bit more hands on training. Over and above anything he was obligated or expected to do,
he agreed. This is the part where he discovered our true identity-MEET THE MURPHYS! Giving of his time, he
arrived the day Hurricane Lorenza was predicted to strike La Paz late in the night. Securing the boat provided yet
another valuable teaching experience from him. Fortunately, she gave us only a glancing blow so we planned to
leave in the AM. However, the port remained closed all day so he patiently went through systems, maintenance
and necessary information regarding our Tesoro since he knows her so very well having captained her on multiple
long passages. The day was done. We would try for that hands on training again in the morning. Maybe not….at
2:30am the high water alarm sounded and yes, it was NOT a false alarm. A seacock valve had blown. Mr. Zwick
sprung into action and once again used real life as a teaching moment. He spent hours helping bail and repair as
well. Such a calming presence with constant reminders that remaining calm is of utmost importance.

Surely we could head out for that hands on teaching later that day….and we did. It was decided we would anchor
and enjoy the evening even though he had a noon flight the next day. Believe it or not, that evening was

Up with the sun, we were set to sadly return him to the states but…only the Murphy’s could get the anchor stuck
on the pulpit while bringing it up – really stuck. Devin to the rescue (we felt we’d been through so much together
that we could call him Devin at this point). He continued with the teaching and confidence building until the lines
were secured to the dock .

We cannot thank him enough for everything he offered us on so many levels. We also can’t wait to see him again
(though understandably that feeling may not be mutual). Again, what a superb liaison to represent PAE as his
passion for what he has chosen as a profession is contagious but moreover what a giving human he is.


Joe Salomone and Patti Shaw