Greetings!  I wanted to give a shout out to the folks at your Anacortes office, and to PAE.

Devin Zwick was our broker in 2021 when we were searching for our boat.  We were in contract on a Nordhavn 47 in Stuart, Florida.  Devin’s service to us throughout that process was excellent.  That sale did not go through for some unique reasons.

Devin represented the seller in the boat we ultimately purchased.  Usually, we would not want to use the same broker as the seller for obvious reasons.  Our trust in Devin and his integrity trumped this and he brokered our Nordhavn 47, Feisty Lady.  Devin’s knowledge of Nordhavns, and boats in general, was impressive and so helpful.  He spent a day with us out on the water helping us get used to a much bigger and heavier boat.  He was responsive to the myriad of questions we had in the months following our purchase.  Devin’s vendor recommendations have been excellent, and he remains a trusted consultant for the litany of work we have had, and will have, done on our boat.  I liken boat brokers to used car salesmen; not usually a fan.  In more than 40 years of boat ownership, Devin is by far the best with whom we have worked.  We will never use anybody else.

My husband, who holds a 100 ton Masters license, and I decided to do a handful of day charters in the San Juan Islands this season.  Your Anacortes office connected us with Jennifer Stern of your Northeast office who linked our webpage onto the Charter section of  During Trawlerfest, Devin and Julie McKee gave our information to folks inquiring about possible charters.  We have hosted 3 couples to date.  One couple is currently in contract on a Nordhavn 55.  We originally thought we would be contacted by persons interested in seeing our beautiful San Juan Islands.  We found this to not be the case, as each of these couples has been far more interested in the boat, her systems and performance underway.  One couple flew all the way from Germany to spend four days on our Nordhavn.  We have brought each of these couples to your Anacortes office.  Devin and Julie are truly incredible ambassadors.  We are genuinely able to highly recommend them to folks looking to purchase one of your boats.

Mary Kelley
Feisty Lady
Bellingham, WA

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