Hi all

Just thought I might echo Jay’s comments. I am in a smilar situation to him and recently went to the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. While there I met Peter Devers from the Australasin PAE office. He was more than happy to show us through the boat and discus ideas I had for a layout that would suit us if we were to spec a new boat. Even though I am of simmilar age to Jay and a purchace of a boat may be some years away nothing seemed to be a problem.

What an awsome sales techniqe. Lets just be nice and speek to people like they are human beings! There’s something to learn for other boat yards there. I will oneday buy a Nordhavn and my experiance at Sanctuary Cove has only strengthened my resolve. So it doesn’t matter which side of the planet you are on, the experiance with Nordhavn staff  is the same all over.