Hi James

I wanted to write and take a moment to share my thoughts and thank you. Feel free to publish, use or do whatever you wish with the below 🙂 Also ALWAYS open to being a reference – not that you or Nordhavn would need one.

Nordhavn has always been known as a premier brand for those that can afford one, which I never thought I would find one in my price range. When I placed my call to James Leishman, he did not know me – nor I did him. At this point I had looked at almost every trawler and long range cruiser on the market. My frustration had grown with all the other brokers and agents, as I had more knowledge on the vessel I was looking at, more than the broker (which my experience was limited). After a 5 min conversation with James I was so excited to speak to someone that actually knew something about the Nordhavn 40 that I was inquiring about. James patiently answered every question I had and more, along with offering solid knowledge and never becoming “salesy”. Later I learned his whole life has been surrounded by Nordhavns as his family owned the company. I felt I was speaking to someone of royalty status as I got to know him and work with him. James humble approach to me was amazing. Here I am working with him on a small N40 deal as he is juggling the sales of multi-million dollar deals simultaneously. Throughout the process, James would talk to me daily – often times multiple times of the day. He would give me updates and as I ran into stumbling blocks on my end, he without hesitation jumped in and said don’t worry, I got this! He would make a few calls and magically we would be back on track – here was a man that actually did what he said he would do at every turn. There were several days throughout the process that he would call and just ask how I was doing, was I worried about anything, how things are going. I can’t tell you what this meant to me as for me this was the most expensive purchase I was making.

The service and attention I received from James was as if I was buying a multi-million dollar yacht. I do not know the experiences of those that are, however I would easily argue that my experience with James was just as good if not better than those spending millions of dollars.

What is even more notable is that James would always say that this was just the beginning, that we would be speaking for the lifetime of ownership of the vessel. He was not lying! The attention after I closed and took possession of my new baby was (and continues to be) remarkable. James checks in with me often and has personally spent countless hours diagnosing any problems I have ran into.

Now I completely understand why Nordhavn is such an amazing brand – beyond the vessels themselves, the service, care and pride of brand ownership from James, this has been the most wonderful experience of my life. I am so grateful and appreciative for James Leishman as I know, there is no way I could have accomplished this without him!

I couldn’t recommend James and Nordhavn highly enough to anyone considering a purchase. Other owners have welcomed me and accepted me into the family without hesitation.

Cheers to you James! Thank you so much!

Wayne Cichanski
N40-60 OceanStar

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