Thank you for your assistance with the commissioning


Thank you for your assistance with the commissioning of Another Road this past week.  Your staff at the North Palm office were very informative, professional and patient with our excitement of being on our boat for the first time.

More importantly, thank you for your hospitality and company at dinner Thursday evening.  Your presence at dinner was unexpected and should have been our treat having asked you to join us once we saw you at the restaurant. I thought I was quicker in discreetly presenting my credit card to the waiter but was surprised that you had already settled the bill.

Your discussions at dinner made a lasting impression with our family as to how they were welcomed by you into the “Nordhavn family”. It reinforced how the sale of Nordhavn is not the end of the transaction but the beginning of a lifelong relationship with the associates at Nordhavn.

Thank you again,


Bill & Jean Pavone

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