The all-new Nordhavn 41 is just two weeks from launching!

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  1. Paul Cunningham

    i like the addidition of the solar panels what will they be able to power or do the just recharge the batteries? can extra panels or batteries be added for more back up and quiet running?

    1. Drew Leishman

      The main purpose of the solar panels are to keep the batteries fully charged. In the event you are away from the boat for a while you won’t have to worry about batteries dying and a bulge pump not being able to run in case of an emergency.

      There really isn’t a whole lot of room for additional batteries given the amount of equipment installed on this boat. You may be able to fit another panel or two if you had a smaller tender for example.

  2. michel camicas

    bonjour ,send informations on this boat ,about engines ,water and fuel/range /speed ;options
    stabilisers ?
    price in USA ,Florida

    1. Amy Zahra

      Thank you for your interest in our new N41 model.
      A Nordhavn representative in your area will contact you soon via email to give you more detailed information.

  3. Patrick Leone

    Did my eyes see it correctly, but is the mast hinged to be lowered as to pass under low bridges? What is the air draft?

    1. Drew Leishman

      Yes, the N41 comes standard with a hinged mast.
      The air draft to the top of the mast is 17′-8″, with the mast folded it is just under 11′.

  4. John

    I see this model has twin engines vs your typical main with a wing engine. Can you share the rationale for going with twins and will it be offered with the typical setup?


  5. Amy Zahra

    This is a great question. We will contact you directly with more detailed information.

  6. Kevin Costello

    No stern thruster? Is that the reasoning for a dual engine setup? CE Category A correct?

    1. Drew Leishman

      Yes the N41 is CE category A. The twin engine design was the reason no stern thruster was needed, and also for a boat this size, a bow and stern thruster can be a bit unnecessary.

  7. Isabelle

    Very lovely, would love to see the layout please. And the price for Australia.

    1. Peter Devers

      Hi Isabelle,

      Thanks for your interest in the new model N41. I’ll send you pricing and layout under separate cover.

      Best Regards

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