The brand new Nordhavn 41 entering final stages of completion

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  1. Hello,it seems that the new 41 will be semidisplacenent boat with two engines. Is this because of the competition from Flemming ?
    It should nice to see twhen she is ready to sail.

    Best regards
    Eje Johansson

  2. Hello, according to published numbers new 41 is a full displacement boat, not a semi, and, while Flemming 55 has a 2000 range, she should have one of more than 3000 (I hope)
    Best regards Piero

  3. Great boat can we know more details about the engine room?

  4. Great looking Boat! Can’t wait to see her completed!

  5. Great Boat. I can’t wait. What would be the price and how far will she go on a single tank?

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