The Great Loop aboard Independence

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  1. Carlos & Patricia Alvarez

    Thank you for sharing your adventure.

    My wife and I were considering to undertake the Great Loop. With your shared experience, it is no longer a consideration!

    Thank you!

  2. Donald Ahlskog

    Did you have any major “Air Height” problems with the 59CP? What is it and how hard to lower antennas?

    1. Larry McCullough

      Hello Donald, we were prepared for the height restrictions and had a hinge placed on our radar arch. This brought our height down to 18.5 feet which gave us clearance to make it under a RR bridge south of Chicago which requires clearance of roughly 19.5 feet. Also we were unable to do the entire Erie Canal due to bridges with clearance of only 15 feet. This was fine with us, we left the Erie at the Oswego Canal so that we could cruise to the Thousand Island area.

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