The Love Boat

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  1. Olli Carstens

    Congratulations! What a dream to come true, marrying …and marrying on a Nordhavn MS56! You have to and you will enjoy your future life on this beautiful boat worldwide and where ever it will take you! If you will be carried off into the Southern Atlantic, visit Namibia, anchor at Lüderitz, and I will invite you to a nice tour into the desert!

    “Jealous”regards to both of you,

    Olli Carstens

  2. Deborah McCarty

    Congratulations , welcome to the Nordhavn family! My husband and I have been boating for over 20 years, we also got married on o boat! It was a presidential yacht named “Miss Anne”

    Our Nordhavn 55 is named Mondai Nai-
    ( means no problem in Japanese)

    Enjoy!!! If you get state side looks up!!

  3. Patti

    Joe and Patti and Baerman
    30 years of “marital bliss” and counting…
    Tesoro N5521

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