The Nordhavn 41 has launched!

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  1. Dwight Thompson

    She is much more beautiful than your renderings could ever show.

  2. Clay brown

    Slick looking ride the perfect fit for Inter-coastal waterway cruising too. Im watching this one . 🙂

  3. Asim

    Can’t wait to see a proper in depth real video of N41.

  4. Lars Thrane

    Very nice looking. Can’t wait to get hold on one.

  5. Bernie Rollins

    Proportions look good. Looking forward to seeing some reviews, fuel burn,etc.. Looks like a perfect couples boat for the loop and Islands! 😎😎🙌

  6. José Carlos Álvarez Tobar

    1) When will it be possible to see a complete video of a completed Nordhavn 41, including engine room, pilot house, electrical cabinet, lazarette, etc.?
    2) From where do you access the stabilizers for future repair?
    3) Is it planned to finish the roof railing on the starboard side? So the boat looks incomplete!
    4) Which table do you have planned to be able to eat in the saloon? I have not found any information.
    5) Can you clearly define the type of engines it has? I have already read different information.
    6) When will be ready, besides the video, a complete catalogue with definitive pictures and not computer images?
    7) What type of anchor and how much chain does the boat have?

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