Tour of the New Nordhavn 475

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  1. Barry Summers

    Thanks Dave, that is one very nice little ship, you guys have done a great job on that creation, well done to you all. Do you have an alternative layout for her yet, where the entrance to the forward accommodation is from the saloon, and no stairway down from the pilothouse giving you the a full width.

  2. Vidar Sørum

    That is one beautiful small ship.
    I’d like to see more of it in depth please

  3. Neco Moeller

    Amazing!!! Beautiful!!

  4. Kirk Sceviour

    My wife (and I fully agree) is insisting on a Nordhavn when we move up from our current boat in a few years to cruise during retirement. We will consider a new build however my very first question about the 475 will be “Can that electrical distribution panel be put back where it should be, in the lazarette”? It’s a non starter for me if not.

    That’s a serious detriment in my opinion and not worth any gain in space aft. This completely eliminates safe access to the panel during a fire suppression event when the ER is flooded with halon. If an electrical fire is suspected its impossible to do anything about it without evacuating the only thing keeping the fire at bay, the halon. I’d like to know what the thinking was on this.

  5. Paul Cunningham

    Now with the new 51 coming out will the 475 be discontinued ?

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